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Iran Attractions


Iran is the land of four seasons

History of Iran is very ancient

Any thing you may like, there are in Iran.

How to choose the best travel map?

Some of Iran's attractions :



Iran Attractions


Iran is a vast country in which there is all sorts of attractions.

This means you travel to a country, But in that country, the fascination of dozens of countries has come together.

We've listed some of Iran's attractions at the bottom.

But they are very large and they are not all in one article.

(We will help you to choose the best of them according to your interest.)

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Iran is the land of four seasons


In Iran, at any moment of the year, you can go somewhere in each of the four seasons.

This means you can see spring in one place in Iran right now, and in another area you can see the summer and in another area ،the winter.


So In Iran, see the four seasons in one season.




History of Iran is very ancient


Iran is one of the oldest civilizations of humanity and dates back to thousands of years ago.

That's why there are so many historical places.

There are also tombs and memorials of the great world celebrities who have been in Iran.

Iran is a great Muslim country, and for this reason, have its own Islamic culture Which is very spectacular.

There are many Places and buildings، mosques of very old and special Iranian and Islamic architecture.




Any thing you may like, there are in Iran.

Because of all this Attractions, choosing an optimal travel map is very difficult for you

Because your travel time is limited. And maybe your expense.

But do not worry.

We will help you.


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How to choose the best travel map?


Tell us your general and partial interests.

Limit yourself when you tell us.

Tell your spending limit.

And how many people are you?


We use the above tips to design the best travel plan and then share it with you.


In order to be able to enjoy the highest quality of enjoyment in Iran in the limited time.



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Some of Iran's attractions :

Things to do (tens of items)

Top Things to do (hundreds of items)

Historic Sites (tens of items)

Museums (hundreds of items)

Monuments & Statues  (tens of items)

Nature & Parks (hundreds of items)

Sacred & Religious Sites  (tens of items)

Ancient Ruins  (tens of items)

Architectural Buildings  (tens of items)

Bridges  (tens of items)

Historic Walking Areas (tens of items)








Outdoor Recreation



Sights & Landmarks (hundreds of items)

Museums (hundreds of items)

Nature & Parks(hundreds of items)

Shopping (tens of items)

Tours (hundreds of items)

Outdoor Activities(tens of items)

Transportation (tens of items)

Fun & Games (tens of items)

Food & Drink (hundreds of items)

Water & Amusement Parks (tens of items)

Traveler Resources (tens of items)

Spas & Wellness (tens of items)

Classes & Workshops 

Zoos & Aquariums 

Concerts & Shows 

Boat Tours & Water Sports 

Good for Big Groups


Good for Kids

Free Entrys

Good for Couples

Good for a Rainy Day

Honeymoon spot

Good for Adrenaline Seekers

Hidden Gems 



Others ...




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